No Longer Free, 2020
2021-07-23 13:31:57

On one golden evening I was walking alone absentmindedly. I came across an old friend. The friend asked me to have tea with him, the two of us stood on the street as we drank tea. The friend staring at my face asked: Is something wrong with you? Why do you look so glum? I assure him, it was nothing of that sort. I said, “I saw an injured child with broken wings on the road. Feathers scattered around him. Probably the child will never be able to fly again. So I am feeling sad for the wretched child”. 


My friend gazed at me with wide eyes. Realizing my mistake I tried to correct myself and said. "Sorry friend, actually I saw a bird tired from gathering paper from the streets, who was sleeping on the pavement in a sack. It seemed that the bird had not eaten all day. I am feeling upset remembering that image." By then we had finished drinking tea. The friend hurriedly said, "Let's take you home."

Rezaul Hoque is a professional artist, having completed his graduation from the Institute of Fine Arts under the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Alongside working with other artists, his last worked in 2014 with Alyssa Monks, of the New York Academy of Art, New York, USA.
Burn Technique
Artist's statement
It only takes an unexpected and small incident to change the course of life, like the apple falling on Newton’s head leading to the discovery of the law of gravity. Fortunately it was an apple, and not a coconut!!!